Reginald Cineus

Fine Art



PLastilina, wood, & crystal quartz

A piece about past, present, and re-evaluating how we carry our trials.

Point Of Contact Portrait

Wood, Salt, Plexiglass, light, electrical wiring, salt

We all live in our own personal realities but when we connect with another person, whether through experience or ideas, the borders of the limits of our perception fade. In this abstract portrait I attempted to portray my friend, Curron Gajadhar, not based on his physical appearance but instead on a place where I felt I connected with him, in his artwork and particularly how he was addressing ideas of masculinity in his painting. The painting inside the frame is his work, the frame represents my personal reality (with it's own struggles). This piece is a light-box to represent the illuminating effect of two realities connecting.

The Body/the Identity/THe Arti-fact

wood, fabric, sheet metal, salt

This piece plays with the idea of being physically impaired. I was born with sickle cell and have struggled most of my life with what my mind believes it's physically capable of and the limits of my body. I tried to capture that dilemma by juxtaposing a sheet metal frame of my chest, (something that is light) to represent the mind's imagination, to a sturdy wood frame, (something heavy and acts as an anchor) to represent the body; since it represents my body I added wooden spikes which relates to the crystal like chemical reaction that occurs in my body at a time of crisis. 


salt, intuition, Environment

This is an ongoing project where I'm experimenting with salt as a metaphor for our lives, choices, identity constructs. The idea I'm playing with is the impermanent captured in the eternal. Since these pieces are designed to fade over time and most likely dissolve in water. Salt is the symbol for the temporary (being an essential vitamin for our survival but only making up ten percent of our body, which relates to the importance we place on our identity and choices), water is the symbol for the eternal (all life comes from it and some theorize that water has it's own memory). I enjoy the thought of the temporary being recorded forever in the eternal as it fades away. So far I've been able to carve blocks of salt and create quick earth arts with regular salt. I view these pieces as an attempt to capture my thought processes and decision making patterns. With an uncarved block or a new untouched environment there are millions of ways a piece can manifest, but the choices made in that democracy reveal how an individual's mind assesses information at a given time and place; a metaphor for how the decision's we make in life reveal who we are (since at any moment there are many ways to view the world that surrounds us and a democracy of choices to choose from; we choose and see based on our mindset and sense of identity). I'm currently working on casting full figures in salt.